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Print HTML Component for Windows

Print HTML ActiveX DLL for Windows

Published by Power JS Software
Print HTML Component -
Easy to code for printing HTML. Can be used in the program languages which support COM object.

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Print HTML ActiveX DLL for Window - 5 Stars rating

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What is ProwerJS Print HTML ActiveX DLL for Windows?

HTML is very easy to design a beatifully layout. Sometimes we want to use HTML to design our reports, our documents and something else. If you want to print the HTML with programming. It is a problme. PowerJS Print HTML ActiveX is designed for resolving this problem. You can use the component in your program to print a HTML to your physical printers or virual printers with your customize setting. For example,  You can use this component to set header, footer, margin and you still can tell the component use which printer you want to print to. 

PowerJS Print HTML ActiveX can be called from most programming language. In client side, Javascript can call this component to print without any popup windows or dialog windows. You still can set margin, header and printer on the client side's printing. In Server side, ASP, PHP, Coldfusion and other web design language, if they can support COM, they can use this component to print. For other programming language, for example, VB, VC and Delphi, all those prorgamming which can support COM can use this component to print HTML.

PowerJS Print HTML ActiveX now only support windows system with IE. Firefox can not use this conpoment. If it is possible, we will develop a new version for Firefox.


What Print HTML ActiveX DLL V1.0.0.11 can do? The Main Features:

      Using on Client side or Server side.
      You can insert then Print HTML ActiveX Control in your program, written in a language, which supports ActiveX automation .
      Easy to modify the printer setting for your HTML printing.
      You do not need to pop up printer dialog box before you print a HTML page
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