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Print HTML Component for Windows

Print HTML ActiveX DLL for Windows

Published by Power JS Software
Print HTML Component - PowerJS.com
Easy to code for printing HTML. Can be used in the program languages which support COM object.

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Print HTML ActiveX DLL for Window - 5 Stars rating

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Download PrintHTML ActiveX for Windows

In this page, you can download the doem version, Documentation file and some sample codes. If you cannot download this files, please contact us or reload your browser.

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History  2006 Dec 14  Add PaperSize Property. Read Documentation for detail.  2007 Mar 16  Fixed some bugs.  2007 Oct 1  Printer Name can be empty. If it is empty, default printer will be used.  2007 Oct 21  Secure Control.  2008 Apr 22  Fixed a bug and add PrintString. IE7's Resource can be released after finishing the task.
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